Tattoo Artists in Milan

Over the years the Tattoo Shop has hosted many Italian and international tattoo artists, giving to customers the additional opportunity to get tattooed by them in Milan.

Many continue to be our guests, some of them on a regular basis, some occasionally. Below you can see some of them and in the TTS News section you can keep yourself updated on the dates of the guests in the studio.

In years, tattooers such as Mr. Cartoon with Estevan Oriol, Leo Zulueta, Tony Anguiano, El Chanok, Beo, Jonathan Harley, Dennis Cockell, Jimmie Tatts, and many others have guested at TTS in Milan.

Resident guest tattooers

handpoke tattoo milan

Ciro Fanelli

Tattooist, painter, illustrator and writer. He works between Italy and Belgium.

His works have appeared in La Lettura – Corriere della Sera, Vice, Esquire and other prestigious European and Japanese magazines. He has published Pinocchio and Les corbeaux pleurent la merde for Le Dernier Cri (Marseille), for Rizzoli Nel bosco del nostro splendore as sole author. He illustrated Punto by Costantino Della Gherardesca and always by the same author The religion of luxury.

He prefers the handpoke technique learned and perfected during seven years spent abroad. He also works with electric machines, his style is constantly changing but always easily recognizable. The handpoke technique (handmade tattoos without the use of machines) gives excellent results on all those parts "close to the bones". Hands, fingers, feet, knees, head, have a much better yield if handpoked from all points of view: the lines never burst and above all the healing will be very fast and without worsening the final drawing. In fact, the opposite is often the case. Of course, all other parts of the body can also be tattooed in the same way.

A final note: although this technique may be reminiscent of the one used at home with friends, the results are not the same in terms of yield, quality and above all hygienic related risks.

Pierre Lio

Born in 1994, he began to be interested in tattoos around the age of 16/17 when he made his first needle and ink tattoo on himself. In that period he began to frequent the punk scene where he was fascinated by the heavily tattooed characters of that environment.

Shortly thereafter he began collecting tattoos and started an apprenticeship in a studio near Bergamo. After almost three years he started tattooing in the studio.

He loves the history of tattooing and prefers the classic styles associated to it.

You can find him at TTS on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Guest tattoo artists

Marco Cavaliere

Em Cab, Marco Cavaliere, was born in Foggia in 1984. Being a child passionated about drawing, he approached the culture of graffiti in the late 90s and, after finishing school, he moved to Rome to study comics and illustration.

Here he discovered and fell in love with tattoos, starting a journey in 2007 that a few years later brought him back home, where he opened a shop on the road in 2010 which is still active today, the Antipop Tattoo Studio.

In these years he kept the business open in the center of Foggia and at the same time traveled around the country and overseas, establishing connections that led him to increase his creative baggage.

For a couple of years he has also been dedicating himself to oil painting (IG: @just_scevallo) keeping the flame alive!

handpoked tattoos milan

Marika D’Ernest

Handpoke tattoos, non electric tattooing

I was born in a small town in Puglia but I grew up around until I reached Bologna, where I graduated in Art History. I got tattooed for the first time when I was 19 by Rocco Buono of DermalArtTattoo, in the same studio where I'm now a resident.

My continuous personal studies and friendships with great tattoo artists such as Marco Cavaliere (Antipop Tattoo Studio), Stefano Prestileo (Blue Port), Alessandro Lemme, Alessia Guzzetta have allowed me to get to know the tattoo tradition in depth and to madly fall in love with it. I chose the path of hand tattooing because it is timeless, just like the cathedral my grandfather tattooed in prison.

Don't miss the opportunity to get to know this original "non-electric" tattoo artist, handpoked tattoos without a machine as it was once done. Her style is unique starting with the subjects she designed and executed without imitating the tattoo machine, rather referring to the true prison style, obviously more refined.

On Instagram you can admire her works and write her for info.