Lorenzo Maglione

Born in Milan in 1993, he approached the skate subculture at a young age and was deeply fascinated by it, by the sense of freedom, by music and making countless contacts he frequented the scene for many years.

At 16 he approached the world of tattoos by getting tattooed and, intrigued, the following year he bought his first material to seriously take his first steps in this reality, also driven by the desire to travel that took him from California to Cuba to Finland, from Nepal to Australia.

He attended the Art Institute and the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.

From 2013 he began to work professionally and to forge contacts with Italian and foreign tattoo artists, studying the traditional tattoo and starting to use it as an expressive language.

To date he is a resident tattoo artist at the historic The Tattoo Shop, where he carries out a study on traditional American tattooing seasoned with a Japanese influence but also fine line and black n gray.

tattoos milano
tattoo milano